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Bring on the HEAT – Tabañero Announces Sysco Partnership!

We’ve got some SPICY NEWS for 2014!

Tabañero is very proud to announce that their hot sauce will now be distributed through Sysco, the largest food service distributor in the United States.

Talks between Sysco and Tabañero began to heat up in mid-2013 and a deal was solidified by the end of the year.

Moving into 2014, Tabañero is officially distributed by four Sysco houses: Sysco Los Angeles, Sysco Ventura, Sysco South Florida and Sysco Southeast Florida with the goal of expanding to many more throughout the year.

Over the past few months Tabañero has been one of the most successful new product launches with Sysco Los Angeles and has a very aggressive sales plan in place to continue building their business with Sysco across the board in 2014.

One promotion they are offering is a rebate giving new customers 50% off the first purchase of Tabañero made through Sysco. Any chef or restaurant owner out there who has not had the opportunity to try Tabañero Hot Sauce should jump on this offer! Tabañero is available in five-ounce bottles, eight-ounce bottles and gallon  containers.

About Tabañero Hot Sauce:

Tabañero made its official launch in early 2010 in Los Angeles, a highly diverse city whose food critics, health fanatics, barbecue lovers, and world-renowned chefs embraced the new hot sauce enthusiastically.

Foodies enjoy the unique flavor of Tabañero, which is accentuated by the secret ingredient: agave nectar. Tabañero continues to expand its distribution throughout the US and is now available in Canada exclusively through Chilly Chiles of Ontario.