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Detroit Mom & Her Views…On Tabanero Hot Sauce


Tabanero has another review, this time by Detroit Mom & Her Views. Not being a big fan of hot sauce, and only using it on certain types of food, this mom soon changed her views on hot sauce in general.  “I enjoyed it. It is 100% all natural with no fillings. It doesn’t even have water as an ingredient, wow. It was not too hot and it was very flavorful.” She also touches upon the fact that Tabanero uses no fillers or vinegar that many other hot sauce products on the market today contain. “Tabanero is not like that. It is a very flavorful with a fruity hint to it. It enhances the flavor of your food, it doesn’t over power it. Which makes it the perfect condiment. Not too hot and with great flavor that last a long time. No, unpleasant after taste or after burn.” Thanks Detroit Mom, you can read the entire review here.