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Fan of the Month: James Hammerl

Tabanero is pleased to announce our Fan of the Month: James Hammerl, the founder of Doggy Dogg – Atlanta’s Finest Hot Dogs. James had a vision a few years back and from that Doggy Dogg was born!

“Doggy Dogg doesn’t like ceilings or walls. Doggy Dogg doesn’t like cheap, watered down hot sauce either. We are not a restaurant but a locally-owned and operated hot dog cart in Atlanta, Georgia. Sourcing locally-made franks and fresh baked bread is where it all starts. We create interesting and tasty topping combinations and give each one a catchy name. Tabanero one day took the ‘Echo’ to the next level in the test kitchen when we whipped it in with creamy mayo and coupled that with a cucumber-lime slaw and finished up with classic yellow mustard. By far our top seller this spring and Tabanero is absolutely now available for purchase by the bottle from our cart.”

To learn more about James and Doggy Dogg, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.