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Hot Peppers Are GOOD For You!

A common misconception about eating hot peppers is that they can cause ulcers or indigestion. You can often hear people blaming their stomach aches on the “spicy food I ate earlier”. In reality, it wasn’t the spice that gave you that heartburn. Something else in your diet, such as greasy foods, are what’s causing those pains. Researched evidence proves that hot peppers in fact have the opposite effect. The ingredient in peppers that brings the heat is called “capsicum” and it’s actually really good for you. While causing a burning sensation on your taste buds, it also stimulates many nerve endings in a positive way giving hot peppers incredible healing and preventative powers.

Some Reasons Why “Spicy Hot” Peppers Are Good For You:

– They combat waterborne illness (this is why the Mayans actually started to consume habanero peppers)

– Lowers the risk of strokes.

– Kills off many types of cancers.

– Helps with weight loss by acting as a thermogenic.

– Protects the stomach lining from getting ulcers and aids in digestion.

– Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by lowering your blood pressure.

– High in Vitamins A and C, as well as calcium.

Don’t believe the myths about hot peppers. The spice is good for you!  Start adding them to your diet, but make sure to do it gradually so you build an appropriate tolerance to the heat. Eat spicy, eat healthy. Find out more about this topic from health lifestyle coach Dave Kovach.