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Introducing Resident Chef Isaiah Seay

Tabanero and Chef Isaiah Seay are working together to send the perfect storm of spiciness your way. The man himself has cooked up 5 original recipes to get the most miles out of your Tabanero and we’ll be releasing them as we get closer to the weekend.  But that ain’t all…

There’s a Chef Special Giveaway taking place! 

We want you to get your tail in the kitchen and show us what you got. So first, we’re giving you 10% Off all your spicy purchases available at our online store; just be sure to enter in “CHEFSPECIAL” at checkout. Then we’re going to ask you to share your own spicy goodness with the world. So break out those pots and pans and get as wild and crazy as you can. When you’re done with your masterpiece, send that award-winning special recipe to us for a chance to have it featured on our website and who knows what else…  

A Little Bit About Chef Isaiah

Chef Isaiah Seay is a born and bred southern California native, who has been creating innovative and unique dishes in restaurants, events, on set, and in private kitchens all over California for the better part of 15 years. He specializes in Rustic California Cuisine with Latin and Asian influences. You can find his recipes in several restaurants all over Southern California, including Figtree Café in Calabasas, CA., Ladyface Alehouse & Brasserie in Agoura Hills, CA. and Coogie’s Beach Café in Malibu, CA.  

Chef Seay is delighted to bring you exclusive recipes, using only the finest locally sourced ingredients, and of course, his favorite healthy heat, Tabanero Hot Sauce! Keep an eye out for more of  Chef Seays’ spicy, Tabanero Hot Sauce inspired dishes. Let him know what you think of these 5 recipes by trying them out for yourself, and posting your success stories on our Facebook page!