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March Fan of the Month: Kevin Lisak

Tabanero would like to introduce our March Fan of the Month, Fitness Competitor Kevin Lisak! Kevin has incorporated Tabanero into his “Healthy Living” mantra and has been using it to spice up his meals in preparation for the 2012 Arnold Classic competition, which begins March 1st.

Kevin Lisak is a highly sought-after personal trainer, fitness model, and competitive bodybuilder from the Binghamton, NY area, who is committed to helping people be their healthiest while they look and feel their best. Using his work ethic, determination, and knowledge about fitness, Kevin Lisak was able to go from a slender 150 lb, to 190 lb of solid mass in only one year! He learned how to do that by going through the many common hoops and pitfalls that teen weight-lifters often make.

Kevin is determined to help others reach their goals without going through the same obstacles as him, so he was inspired to form Kevin Lisak Fitness as a means to get his message out. With his vision of a more fit and healthy planet, Kevin is running one of  America’s fastest growing fitness organizations, as one of the USA’s next top fitness models. What makes KLF stand out over many other fitness organizations is that he not only is here to help others, but to make sure everyone gets the recognition their hard work truly deserves. Being a part of Team KLF, sharing your journey, your struggles, your questions, your knowledge, and your results; Team KLF has brought hundreds of people together to tackle the one big obstacle, Healthy Living. On top of this, Kevin Lisak is also a Bodybuilder, Fitness Model, and Men’s Physique Competitor and will be competing at the 2012 Arnold Classic Expo in the first ever Men’s Physique Division.

You can follow Kevin, his life, and his own personal journey all through KLF. Just like the advice he gives to other, you can follow his fitness progress using those very same tactics and methods. Be a part of our fast growing fitness community and join Team KLF today!


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