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Meet Tabanero’s Latest Resident Chef Rahm Fama

Tabanero is pleased to introduce to you our latest resident Chef, Chef Rahm Fama! This Chef knows a great hot sauce when he sees one and that’s why he’s partnering with us to send a little gourmet your way!

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A Little Bit About Chef Rahm Fama

Practically born with a chili pepper in his mouth, Chef Rahm Fama’s love for spicy heat was bred into his bones at an early age on his mom’s cattle ranch. Many nights on the range in New Mexico were spent under the stars with open fire cooked meals kissed by flames and hot sauce.

At the age of 16, Chef Fama trained under a French chef in the classical French style. With that solid foundation and a love of fresh ingredients, he dove into creating unforgettable meals. His approach to food blends flavor, technique and artistry in often new and exciting ways. Why follow trends when you can set them has been his personal philosophy.

A three-time James Beard nominee, Chef Fama continues to push culinary boundaries and enjoys teaching others to develop their own skills whether they’re professional restaurant staff or just the average person. Traveling seasoned the Chef to appreciate what sweet, spicy heat brings to the table.

Prepare to have your taste buds sizzling and mouth popping sweetly with the latest recipes from Chef Rahm Fama. If you like what he’s cooking up, make sure check out his website,!