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Savor the flavor of our hot sauce picante born in Tabasco, Mexico! Made in the USA!
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The Tabanero team always wanted to give back to the community. From the beginning stages of this journey we have committed to giving a percentage of our sales to a church in Tabasco, Mexico to directly support the needs of the community and residents.

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In pursuit of the most flavorful, All Natural & downright Best Hot Sauce in the world, we have found ourselves in the fertile fields of Tabasco, Mexico; which receives the most rainfall in all of Mexico. Our team of hot sauce aficionados started the quest for the best hot sauce in the world back in 2004. This journey brought us to the Yucatan Peninsula, home of the Mayans. We were drawn to the state of Tabasco where we found the finest ingredients Mexico had to offer. A perfect blend of flavorful ingredients created a taste that knocked our socks off. Our excitement was bubbling as we were getting ready to start production
when a major flood in 2007 decimated the region of Tabasco, affecting over 1 million people and washing away the crops that were to be Tabanero! We provided support to the region, to help the flood victims rebuild their lives and a few years later Tabanero was ready to make its debut! Tabanero's delicate balance of spice and flavor provides a "kick" but does not burn or overshadow your dish. There is no vinegar taste or cheap fillers in Tabanero making the quality and consistency of Tabanero one of a kind. We are proud to present our 100% All Natural hot sauce which will accent and spice up any dish, with a flavorful zest!
Did You Know?
Agave Nectar in hot sauce?
That's right! Agave is one of our key flavor ingredients that gives Tabanero a subtle sweetness and the distinct flavor we have become known for. The sweetness of the agave also helps accentuate other flavors and balances out the head of the habanero peppers.
What are the effects of being an all natural hot sauce?
Being all natural, our ingredients can sometimes separate and the pepper extracts rise to the top. Don't worry if you see separation, just shake it up and you're good to go. If you don't shake, just be ready for a little extra spice. Because we are all natural and do not use any preservatives or chemicals in Tabanero, our flavor can sometimes vary depending on the weather conditions of our crops. The best part of being all natural is that Tabanero is ALL NATURAL … as in healthy!.
Like a fine wine.
Tabanero's flavor matures as it ages. The color gets a little darker and the flavor gets richer. But don't worry, there are enough natural preservatives such as the lime juice, salt and peppers to keep it fresh for years.
I hate the taste of vinegar!
So do we, that's why we don't have any vinegar taste in Tabanero hot sauce.
That's a funny name.
Tabanero was named after the state of Tabasco, Mexico and the habanero pepper. Combining the two words: Tabasco + Habanero = Tabanero.
The Mayans used to rub peppers on their gums to relieve toothaches. We have heard that taking a shot of hot sauce will clear out your sinuses. If you do either of those two remedies, you should probably video tape it and send us the video, so we can know for sure if they work or not.