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Tabanero is on the Radio!



Tabanero hot sauce is now making it’s way to the radio! Kat Kountry 106 based out of Idaho, featured Tabanero on their radio show with rave reviews yesterday and just this morning.

They will be running a promotion called “How Hot Is It” where listeners can win a bottle of Tabanero when they guess how hot a specific tropic location is there and come within five degrees. They will also be including Tabanero in their Pioneer Pantry recipes for the next month.

Here’s what Scotty had to say about Tabanero: “The sauce is wonderful…I was a die hard Tabasco fan til this morning but now there is a new bottle on my table.”

Thanks so much for the love out in Idaho, listen to the recording here —> tabanero021412

There’s also a personalized recipe for Hot Wings here from their Pioneer Pantry. Listen to the recording here —> tabanero021412a and check out the recipe.