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Tabanero’s Lifetime Supply Giveaway

Have you ever dreamed of having an endless supply of Hot Sauce?

Well we here at Tabanero want to hook you up.

This month we are giving away a lifetime supply of hot sauce to one lucky winner in our Life of Spice Contest. All you Tabanero addicts out there will not want to miss this!

One Grand Prize winner will come up on a lifetime supply of Tabanero Hot Sauce. To add a little spice to contest we will also have 4 Runner-Ups! These Tabanero fanatics will be selected to win our exclusive 4th of July goodie package!

So this is how it works:

Refer your friends and increase your chance to win the grand prize!

When you click “SUBMIT” you’ll be able to refer you friends by “Sharing” your entry on Facebook. Every time a friend reaches this page via your post and submits an entry, you will get additional entry:

-So if one of your friends clicks your Post and submits and entry, you get 1 additional chance at winning!

-If 10 friends click your post and 10 submit entries, you get 10 additional chances at winning!

-If 100 friends click your post and they all submit entries, THAT’s 100 ADDITIONAL ENTRIES!

It’s that easy!


Good Luck!