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Thanks For The Review!

As a new hot sauce company, your feedback is very important to us. It allows us to be more efficient, connected, and in-tune with our customers. That’s why we highly encourage all reviews. Today, we received an AWESOME review from Scott  and we would love to share it with you!

First off, we love that he felt “compelled to do this review.” Any time someone goes out of their way to reach out to us to not only try our sauce, but to share their experience, well…that just makes us feel all warm and tingly inside. So thanks for that! He went on to say…

“Straight out of the bottle, you know this hot sauce is different. It’s thicker than the standard-bearer Tabasco™. Initial taste, straight from the bottle is phenomenal: simultaneously you are hit with the sweetness of the agave and the heat of the habanero. And it definitely is hot, but not overbearing.

On food, it does something totally unlike Tabasco™…it doesn’t overpower. It doesn’t have the overly-vinegar taste (actually has NO vinegar), and blends into and enhances the flavor of the food rather than spiking it with its own flavor, even with adding a lot onto the food.

I love this hot sauce. So will you.”

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Thanks, Scott! We’re glad you love it. Thanks for reaching out and spreading the good word on Tabanero!