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The History of Tabanero & Tabasco, Mexico

Did you know that, “Your Healthy Heat” was actually born in 2005?  This was a labor of love and we wanted the name of our gourmet hot sauce to portray it’s key ingredient, as well as it’s homeland, hence Tabanero! Tabasco, Mexico + Habanero = Tabanero.

Our Habanero peppers are authentic to the fertile lands of Tabasco, Mexico!

We ambitiously began production in 2006; however, due to a devastating flood in 2007, 80% of the state of Tabasco was destroyed.  Normally, a state that relied heavily on agriculture and livestock, Tabasco was left in ruins after the floods.

After a week of incessant rain, overall, about 1 million residents were affected, which is nearly half the population of the state and the capitol Villahermosa, was in bankruptcy.  Along with homes destroyed, Tabasco also suffered from the loss of theaters, libraries, hospitals, schools, museums, and the farmlands were completely wiped out during the height of their harvesting season.

Once the storms had ended and the water levels returned to normal, rehabilitation projects began.  The tragic aftermath was met with a confident resilience of the residents.  Additionally, contributions from generous community members and sponsors; including Tabanero, the tropical green state of Tabasco was restored.

The soil overturned fairly quickly, and the farmlands were ready to be harvested once again.  For Tabanero, our factory was rebuilt within two humbling years after the flood, and production of our All Natural Hot Sauce was restarted in 2009.

The first signs of healthy, spicy seedlings began to appear in early 2010, and were ready to harvest at the end of Summer.  In early Fall, we received our first tasting and Tabanero was ready for its début!  At the end of 2010, the first batch was introduced to the ever-alluring Los Angeles market place. And that brings us to today, where we strive to bring our All Natural Hot Sauce all over the country and world.