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Two Classy Chics Tabanero Review and Giveaway

Leave it up to Two Classy Chics to review Tabanero and sponsor a giveaway! Chris Carroll from Two Classy Chics officially did the review on our product and we are delighted to say that she enjoyed it!

“When I opened it, I knew it was something different than the many others I have had in the past. The scent alone will tell you that. This sauce is all about the flavor and not so much about the heat. Although it does have some heat to it, you taste it the ingredients first and the heat comes in the background.

This is a delicious sauce and everyone in my family has enjoyed it. It is tangy and a bit sweet and just delicious!…I think this is one that will remain in my home always. I think I will need to open an account at Tabanero to buy it wholesale LOL.”

You can read more about the review and learn about the giveaway details that ends March 23rd here. Please note that you will need to be a public follower of their site and go onto our site and say which recipe you would like to try. Thank you Two Classy Chics for the amazing review!