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US Foods Picks Up First Order of Tabanero

We are proud to announce Tabanero’s partnership with US Foods! Offering over 300,000 national brand products in a variety of label items, US Foods is one of America’s leading food service distributors; and they just picked up their first order of Tabanero. They will begin by distributing in the California region and if all goes well, expand into the rest of the Nation with Tabanero. So far, Tabanero is launched in two markets, California and Florida.

With this new distribution, Tabanero plans to expand exponentially. “We are excited about all of the recent developments and appreciate your support and all your feedback regarding our all natural hot sauce.” Tabanero is also producing sample packets, to provide a to-go option for take out, sporting events, hotels, etc. They have plans to send sample packets out to people around the nation who are eager to try Tabanero for themselves.

If you need this zesty hot sauce into your life immediately, you can always order it directly through the online store or ask your US Foods representative (or whoever your local distributor is) to deliver it.

“We are really encouraged by the rapid spread of Tabanero these past few months and are grateful for every single one of our customers that brings Tabanero into their lives.”